PUBG PC Update 4.2 Adds Overcast Weather to Enragel, Vehicle Handling Improvements and More


PUBG update 4.2 was readily available for players to try out, and now it's finally on the game’s live servers.

The update’s highlights include vehicle handling improvements, mainly concentrating on improving vehicle’s driving stability and control. In addition to that, there were several visual changes to the blue zone, reticles, adding overcast weather to Enragel, and adding new skins and much more. Here are the update’s full patch notes and changes.

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Vehicle Handling Improvements
Improved vehicle handling of the Scooter, Snowmobile, Snowbike and Motorcycle with Sidecar, thus improving overall driving stability. Motorcycle with Sidecar off-road driving control and stability continues to be greatly improved.
Altered Blue Zone Edge Visual Effect
To improve the gameplay experience, the rolling shimmer effect seen while close to nowhere Zone will no-longer be viewed in the center of the screen where the player is aiming.
Improved Visibility of Reticles Against Bright Backgrounds
Visibility of sight and scope reticles against bright backgrounds (such as Vikendi snowfields) has been slightly improved.
Throwables Friction Adjustment
Adjusted the friction force of throwables to create rolling movement more consistent and predictable. Smoke Grenades Friction force has been increased to slow rolling speed and cause them to roll a shorter distance after impacting surfaces.
Stun Grenades & Frag Grenades Friction force has been decreased to hurry in the rolling speed and increase distance they can travel after impacting surfaces.
Vehicle Engine Toggle
Vehicle engines is now able to turned off/on by pressing 'Z'. The engine can be switched off while driving, after gaining momentum and could be used for quiet, tactical maneuvers.
When the engine is off, pressing 'W' to accelerate or 'Z' will start the engine again.
Vehicle engines will automatically be turned off if the vehicle stays at a standstill for 8 seconds, or 2 seconds following the driver disembarks.
PUBG PC Sound QoL Improvements
Added master volume preview

The actual volume can now be previewed while in the menu, to higher allow users to create their preferred maximum volume level. This can be founder under Settings – Audio – Sound – Master volume and by hitting the 'play' button.
Added Instant Volume Reducer This new feature temporary cuts down on volume of games sound clips to facilitate clearer communication with teammates.
Use 'F7' to reduce game master volume, while maintaining the volume of voice chat. Use 'F7' key again to return to the original volume
For the more information on PUBG's sound improvement plans please read Dev Letter – Sound Improvement Plan.
“There's a side for you that I never knew- and the games you'd play, you would always win. However i set fire, towards the rain.”
Overcast Weather put into Erangel

'Overcast' weather continues to be added to Erangel. When a match begins with overcast weather on Erangel, the weather can change dynamically over the course of the match between overcast, windy, hail, light rain, heavy rain (rain with lightning and thunder), and fog.
Destructible Objects on Erangel

Additional destructible pylons and barricades happen to be added to Erangel. They may be destroyed by vehicles, weapons and explosions, but do give a limited amount of cover until they are destroyed. Some existing objects which were previously indestructible are now destructible, such as the traffic cones in Mylta.
Vikendi Ambient Noise Adjustment
Amount of Vikendi's ambient wind noise continues to be reduced.
Removal of PUBG Esports Signage
As MET Asia Series and PUBG Nations Cup have finally concluded, in-game signage across various maps and also the starting plane has been removed.
“A vision of perfect health.”
In-game PUBG PC HUD Improvement
Helmet and vest health has become better visualized around the UI, along with Backpack capacity.
Weapon firing mode has become represented visually by icons, rather than text.
To reduce unnecessary clutter, certain HUD and UI elements are no-longer displayed when waiting to begin a match.
Game version number, server identifier and other details are now located underneath the minimap, rather than the HP bar.
Store UI Improvement
BP purchasable items are now marked with a BP icon available to better differentiate BP and funds items.
Made performance improvements to mitigate client hitching/stuttering in a few instances.
Custom Match
Added Erangel Visual Update choice to Custom Matches Erangel Visual Update is going to be called “Erangel” and also the previous version is going to be called “Erangel Classic”.
All game modes will be playable on Erangel variants.
Team leaderboard UI observed in observer mode has been changed to permit 4 character team tags (previously 3).
The replay system continues to be updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unavailable to be used.
Skins & Items
New skins can be found at in-game Store once PC Update 4.2 hits live servers.
New BP purchasable items Vector & SLR BattleStat skins
2 Madsy Shoes
Twitch Broadcaster Royale Group 9 skins More details is going to be released with an official announcement for Group 9 of Twitch Broadcaster Royale skins will be released after Update #4.2 arrives on live servers
Added Regional Esports Baseball Bat skins in celebration of 2020 Phase 3 of PUBG Esports.
Added Rabbit Season Set items, which can be found within the Featured Page from the in-game Store.
Bug Fixes
Fixed a problem where other players would appear to go in the floor temporarily when the network environment is poor.
Fixed an issue in which throwables seem to shake or display incorrectly once the network environment is poor.
Fixed an issue where throwables would roll an extended than intended distance on slopes.
Fixed a problem when walking backwards against the corner of objects, you couldn't hear your personal footsteps, even though they were audible by other players.
Fixed a problem where the item use sound was not audible when utilizing an Adrenaline Syringe or Med kit using the -KoreanRating launch option.
Fixed an issue where Emergency first aid kit, Adrenaline Syringe and drink could sometimes 't be been told by while in spectator view.
Fixed a problem where Aqua Rail's speed while reversing was almost just like when moving forward.
Fixed an issue where constant collision noises could be heard when a vehicle was stationary against an object or terrain.
Fixed an issue where vehicles can jitter and begin rolling slowly while parked on an angled slope.
Fixed a problem where weapon scope zoom was reset after performing specific actions.
Fixed a problem where character animations are skewed when using an emote while impacted by a Molotov.
Fixed a problem where dropping weapons could only be heard through the player dropping the weapon.
Fixed an issue where a faintly cross-shaped line was visible when the Holographic Sight reticle is placed to max brightness.
Fixed an issue in which the BRDM-2 can sometimes sink if landing in water in the parachute.
Fixed an issue where an active boost gauge would display once the UI was disabled.
Fixed an issue in which a placed marker's location would change on the compass in some cases after opening the map and inventory in sequence.
Fixed an issue where the Canted Sight binding would reset if set to alt + mouse wheel.
Fixed an issue where the incorrect player name would display when spectating a disconnected player.
Fixed an issue where raindrops could pass through certain vehicle roofs.
Fixed an issue where character head models aren't shown in replay or spectator when players go into the motorbike sidecar seat.
Fixed a problem where footsteps could in some situations be heard intermittently from dead players.
Fixed a problem where the key guide text was shown when spectating after dying inside a squad match
Fixed an issue where throwables couldn't be directly picked up and equipped in the item slot when the backpack was full.
Fixed a problem in which the healing amount while using the multiple bandages with the auto-bandage feature was under if with them individually.

PUBG is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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