GTA Online: Diamond Casino – Get Drunk To Unlock Two Secret Missions | 'Damage Control' & 'Under The Influence' Guide


The has opened in , and also the player base is riding at the top of this vast new accessory for Los Santos. The massive casino location is filled with new missions to accomplish and gambling activities to enjoy — it’s also and you'll discover two hidden optional missions that are randomly unlocked. You’ll have to get lucky, but it’s possible to get these missions with sufficient repetition.

They’re both pretty simple. You’ll need some money to get started — sufficient to buy several drinks and get blackout drunk. What matters is the location. Based on where you get blackout drunk, you’ll distribute and start a random mission. Location is all that matters here, also it isn’t certain to happen each time. If you awaken without a mission, just try repeating the steps again.

Get Drunk To Unlock Two Secret Missions‘Damage Control’ & ‘Underneath the Influence’ Guide

There are two hidden missions specific towards the Diamond Casino you can unlock in GTA: Online — ‘Damage Control’ and ‘Underneath the Influence’. Both involve getting extremely drunk.

How To Unlock Damage Control

Access diamonds Casino bar or even the bar inside your penthouse suite and order a Macbeth Whiskey Shot. After drinking it, you’ll blackout and wake up. If you’re lucky, or after a few tries, you’ll begin the ‘Damage Control’ mission.

For this mission, you’ll wake up on the side of a street and you’ll have to generate a casino vehicle prior to the time period limit expires. You’ll still be drunk, but you’ll get sober quick as you drive. There’s no special reward here, unfortunately, only a cool little bonus quest.

How To Unlock Under The Influence

This one is a little more complicated. Travel to any nightclub or bar (other than the Casino!) and obtain drunk. Don’t get –blackout– drunk, though. Just get drunk, then stagger around and call Ms. Baker the Casino Owner for income. Select ‘Request Work’ and you might understand this special mission. It’s just a little random.

For this mission, you’ll have to steal and return a wanted sports vehicle towards the casino. Instead of evading police while drunk, you’ll need to navigate and steer clear of police roadblocks while drunk. You won’t get sober this time, so it’s about carefully managing your getaway. No special reward here either, but it’s a fun hidden bonus.


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