Fight Night Round 5 Might not be Within the Works After All


It's been a minute since we've got a battle Night gaming title and for someone like myself who thoroughly enjoyed the series, it's a genuine shame. Then we got a spark of hope when professional boxer, Claressa Shields stated that a new game was in the works which she would be featured within it. Unfortunately, the statement continues to be redacted after Claressa went back online to explain that the game isn't Fight Night Round 5. As the American professional female boxer stated it's Fight Night, she either dropped this news too early before EA was ready to have an official announcement or honestly got the information wrong.

Either way, a new boxing game is something that lots of gamers have been waiting for and there is a minimum of some gaming title being released for that featuring Claressa Shields. EA didn't reveal anything in terms of a boxing game during E3 2020 but that, of course, doesn't mean that a new entry has been developed. The final installment was Fight Night Champion which released back in 2011 though that may be due to the fact the MMA sports UFC series is doing good enough to not warrant a boxing title.

At any rate, while a brand new Fight Night video game might not be being produced right now, we're thinking about hearing much more about this new video game title being released using the new up-and-comer as well as other current big fighters to past legendary athletes. Perhaps this is a game that'll be highlighted during Gamescom 2020 that takes place later today. If that's the case we'll update you with new information once we receive it.


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