No Man's Sky BEYOND: How To Summon Your Very Own Space Anomaly | Secrets Guide


The Space Anomaly is a strange, hard-to-find space station with a plethora of powers you are able to unleash on the galaxy within the original . This floating ball of doom was open to discover in previous versions from the game, but now you are able to summon it having a special beacon. Anyone that’s encountered the Space Anomaly can summon it anywhere they want, and that’s great news for players seeking to revisit probably the most interesting secrets in the game.

There’s a reason its this. The Nexus, the hub where all players inside a particular galaxy can meet, is situated on the Space Anomaly. Which means you can visit friends, take a look at bases, or continue multiplayer missions from this one location.

If you haven’t encountered an area Anomaly yet, here’s a quick rundown — it’s a Death Star shaped station that can give you a shortcut to the core galaxy, an area of an Atlas Terminal, or perhaps a free random blueprint. You may also make use of a Quicksilver terminal to synthesize Quicksilver into exotic goods. Basically, there’s a reason you’ll want to revisit the area Anomaly.

The Space Anomaly (and much more features) have been significantly reworked within the BEYOND update. .

How To Summon Your Very Own Space AnomalySecrets Guide

The Space Anomaly is really a special space station with a number of very unique effects. You’ll encounter the Space Anomaly while following a Atlas Story Path.

  • The Space Anomaly appears randomly, but only under specific conditions.
    • You must warp Three times, and also have played a minimum of A couple of hours without dying.
    • You are required to follow the Atlas story path.

After encountering the Space Anomaly once, you’ll unlock the purpose in your ship that allows you to summon the Space Anomaly at any time. This feature is just obtainable in the new BEYOND update.

BEYOND has taken major changes towards the Space Anomaly. The area Anomaly has become a HUB for those travelers — no matter where you're in the galaxy, you’ll meet fellow travelers within the Space Anomaly. The inside is extremely reworked, with more facilities featuring than ever before.

    • You are now able to access a Teleporter that lets you visit the base of any other player currently within the Space Anomaly.
    • The player cap has been raised to 8 or 32, based on your platform.
    • Join teams and continue Multiplayer Missions from the Nexus hub.
    • Three new daily vendors have been added — one will exchange daily items for nanites, one unlocks progress in exchange for nanites, and one will exchange discovery data for nanites.

In the original game, the area Anomaly is how you’ll find two quest characters — Polo and Nada. You can also use a special Quicksilver Synthesis Companion vendor, which allows you to change Quicksilver into exotic goods.

Polo can give a Blueprint on your first encounter, and can provide you with additional blueprints for a price. Additional blueprints cost 20 Carbon.

Nada offers three services — she can lead you to some blackhole having a quick path to the middle of the galaxy, provide you with the location of the Atlas Terminal, or provide you with a random technology blueprint. It’s also only a nice spot to visit sometimes.


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