New Nindies Showcase Drops Unexpectedly!

The Nintendo Switch has become a 2010 haven for indie games since its launch in March 2017, and Nintendo has been performing exceptionally well with flaunting said indie games precisely what are likely to to your Switch. While we have seen will definitely be games shown at Gamescon from Nintendo, they surprised everyone by dropping an exclusive Nindies Showcase without needing teasing it the previous day! Called “Indie Highlights”, it introduced 16 indie games which are coming, and have absolutely landed about the Switch.

Some standouts include Night Call, Monster Boy, This War of Mine, and a lot more. What’s more, certain games have launched TODAY for your Switch, such as unique Morphies?Law which releases later tonight!

You’ll definitely wish to read this Nindies Showcase, and find out those games you’re receiving should they release.


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