Max Brass Isn't the sole thing Arriving Tomorrow's ARMS Update

It ladies that ARMS fans won’t just be obtaining a new playable character as the hard boss Max Brass in tomorrow’s update, but a brand new new game mode, too.

Speaking with?Eurogamer, ARMS’ producer Kosuke Yabuki stated a different mode may also be added during their update.

“… Max Brass is the main an important part of tomorrow’s update, there is however a fresh versus mode wherein a battle between 2-3 players there’s a Hedlok mask players battle over, and when you get the mask your own personal character turns into Hedlok,” Yabuki told Eurogamer. “If one player turns into Hedlok it’ll depend on one other players to adopt him down.”

This new Hedlok mode is going to be for sale in both online and offline multiplayer modes and won’t be available to just 1 v 1 matches. Together with Max Brass as well as new Hedlok mode, ARMS’ imminent update will introduce numerous balance tweaks and changes. Everything that these will entail or which characters might be affected remains seen, but Yabuki did point out that “one technique consistantly, repeating exactly the same thing and winning like that” is one thing how the team wants to remove on the game.

ARMS is offered now let’s talk about the Nintendo Switch. You should check out our review here.

[Credit: Eurogamer]

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